Global Sourcing

MMGS is truly a “Global Sourcing Agency” with long standing connections all around the world and in just about every product category. MMGS was built to take all the guesswork and the many hazards out of the sourcing process, ensuring better quality, and most importantly reducing risk. MMGS has a combined 80+ years of experience in global sourcing and relationships.

  • Selecting the most qualified and dependable factories for your unique needs.
  • Total transparency of FOB costs, you see all invoices and paperwork direct from the factory.
  • Constant oversight from samples and pricing to delivery of final product.
  • Providing constant updates for each stage of product development and production.
  • Providing a PRE-PRODUCTION sample that allows you to sign off before production begins.
  • Complete and thorough on site inspection by experienced and trusted inspectors.
  • Introduction to custom brokerage firms and custom warehouse/shipping firms.